Free 5-Day Mail Art Challenge (Automated)

"Letters have long been loyal ambassadors of the heart, traveling great distances and overcoming every sort of adversity to bring us together, [even if it's just for a moment]."

~Jeniffer Williams

In a fast paced world with email and social media becoming the main avenues for communications, letter writing and snail mail have become a lost art. But we don't have to be intimidated by the thought of writing a letter or short personal note.

I have a way to make letter writing fun again.

In just five days, you'll be keeping your mail carrier busy again and you will fall in love with sending personal notes and letters.

• Receive daily letter writing tips prompts to make writing personal notes easier
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• Have access to creative activities through recorded sessions
• Enjoy the 5-Day Challenge Facebook Community to connect and share your journey
• Make a Letter Writer's Folder
watch the kickoff party to make your letter writer's folder

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